Premio Internacional Dolors Alberola


The prize aims to expand poetry reading from around the world.

The competition is open to all writers worldwide

The spirit of this competition is the participation of writers in terms of equality, regardless of nationality, gender or language.

Key dates

  • 31 December 2023 Entries close.
  • 29 February 2024. Finalists.
  • 31 March de 2024. Winner.


 1. The full-length manuscript or collection of poems can be written in any official language of the world.

 2. Only one work per writer must be submitted. Translation of another author’s work is not eligible.

 3. Poems may be on any subject and in any form or style. Manuscripts must be typed and 500-800 verses or lines in length.

 4. The collection of poems must not have been published in any form or awarded previously.


 5. There is no fee to enter and no hidden costs for the entrants.

The Prize


a) Winner: 

1) Translation to another European language.

2) Publication of the collection (Bilingual edition).

3) 50 copies of the book.

4) Royalties on Publisher’s edition and subsidiary rights.

b) Finalists:

1) Publication of the collection (Spanish edition).

2) 10 copies of the book. 

3) Royalties on Publisher’s edition and subsidiary rights.

How to Enter

 7. The competition  deadline for entry is on Sunday, 31 December 2023.

 8. The collection may be submitted via links provided in or on Editorial DALYA site: (-> Premios->Premio Poesia). The document must contain a front page stating:

a) The document must contain a front page stating:

1) The title of the collection.

2) A slogan or pseudonym.

b) The writer will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the entry.



The judging process

10. Finalists. Works will be selected before Thursday, 29 February 2024.

a) The writers of these works will be notified by email after selection.

b) The awarded writer must re-submit the work, including personal details (name, headshot, address, nationality...) and bio-bibliography in the front page..

11. Winner. The Jury will select the winner before Sunday, 31 March 2024:

a) The writers will be contacted after selection. After this deadline, the Jury’s verdict will be announced through the website of Editorial DALYA (, its social network and the media

b) The date of the resolution is tentative. It could be delayed if the provision of the final works to the jury requires a lot of translating work.

12. Other clauses:

a) The organization reserves the right not to award prizes if, in its sole discretion, it does not receive a sufficient number of qualified submissions.

b) The Jury’s verdict is final.

c) The finalist may reject the publication of the book. The decision must be communicated by e-mail within three months.


13. Awarded entrants commit themselves to sign a Publisher-Writer Agreement with the customary terms of Editorial DALYA.

a) If it is not formalized, for any reason, the content of the contest rules will be considered as the agreement as regard as the publication of the awarded books.


b) Editorial DALYA commits itself to publish the awarded works in twelve months plus the periods of force majeure.

14. Entrants are bound to inform the organisation about the awards or publication of their works before the announcement of the Jury’s verdict.

15. By entering into the competition, each entrant agrees to be bound by the contest rules. No communication or correspondence will be entered into regarding the non-awarded works. 

16. By entering into the competition, entrants warrant their works will not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights, it does not violate any personal privacy regulations, and it does not violate the rights of any person or entity.

17. Entrants accept the terms of privacy policy described in 



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